One Aspect I want to Change in Chennai

This post is a part of the Tablog: CBC TABLOG – 2. CBC the Chennai Bloggers Club the most happening Bloggers community consists of people from all walks of the life.  Every blogger of this club has a close-knit connection to Chennai in some manner. CBC has never failed to encourage, inspire, support and motivate the members in their blogging journey. In this particular blog tag series about 30 bloggers from the CBC would be expressing their views under the title; ‘One aspect I want to change in Chennai’. The baton has been passed to me by ‘Shashi S’ who blogs at Shadow dancing with mind: A blog about creativity, designs, books, music and peotry. He is known for his poems especially Haiku. 

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One aspect I desire to change in Chennai will be ‘Monsoonal water stagnation’. Chennai the vibrant modernising city with a rich culture and history have always been the pride of India. The city with a diversified economy has been the sixth highest contributor for India’s overall GDP growth (A GDP of $66 billion in 2012). However, the city has failed to prevent the problem of monsoonal water logging and the related consequences. According to ‘World Population Review’; “Chennai has an estimated population of 4.9 million, with an area that has grown from 176 square kilometres to 426 square kilometres after a 2011 expansion. The urban agglomeration, which includes the city and suburbs, has a population estimated at 9 million. This makes it the 4th most populous metropolitan area in India and the 31st largest urban area in the world”.  Being such a densely populated city Chennai does lack in well maintained roads, appropriate measures to prevent water stagnation, regular sewage control, and smooth transportation.

On a typical rainy day, the scene on the roads would be water stagnated almost everywhere. Even in the best claimed roads one may find swamp of rain water. This monsoonal water stagnation is known to cause various problems such as worsening road conditions, breakdown of vehicles, traffic congestion, overflowing of sewage, and contamination of drinking water. And the situation worsens with the constant digging up of roads for various purposes such as laying down cable wires, pipe lines etc. As rain water sweeps through these pits in the road and gets stagnated for quite a long period of time. It becomes an environmental hazard. Stagnated water becomes the convenient breeding ground for different kinds of bacteria, parasites and insects resulting in an outbreak of various diseases. Hence, the perennial issue of ‘Monsoonal water stagnation’ tops my list of things I want to change in Chennai.

There are various preventive measures that have been proposed by the government and charity organisations. Still, how far have they been implemented? Is a question of fact. Here’s a video by ‘Samarpan Foundation’ spreading awareness about the issue of water stagnation.

Thanks for reading and I pass on the baton to Muthiah Sriram who blogs at:  A versatile blogger who blogs about ‘life as it comes’: . Providing an account of all interesting, fun, and tough times he goes through generally in life. 

By Passionate Soul.


Discussion on Women Empowerment and Respect !!

Anu Mohan

Hey lovely people who just came to read this ,
I am really sorry that there is so much delay in this post , I drafted this long time back but since I had to kinda move out of my house I was busy planning my stay 🙂

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If you have come to read this , you deserve a big applause because you are willing to discuss a social issue that is not only present in India but across globe. If you are following me on Twitter you would know that I generally share lots and lots of content relating to social causes and also fashion of course . I thought about doing the same in this blog as I do have lots of female and male followers here which would make the discussion interesting as, all would have different views and opinions.

Also I feel so overwhelmed…

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What does freedom taste like?

Diya was worried for past few days now. She isn’t able to concentrate on anything properly. She feels like her mental stability have gone out of the windows. She thought may be . . a tiny bar of chocolate might comfort her. So, she reached for the chocolates kept in the food cupboard. Diya got hold of a tiny chocolate bar and started to unwrap the outer cover. When she had her first bite of the chocolate, it tasted something strange. She couldn’t taste the sweetness of the chocolate anymore, it was bitter. That’s when she realized it was the chocolate wrapper she was tasting, not the actual chocolate. Yes, she is in such a confused mind state that she had actually thrown away the chocolate in the waste bin and was holding on to the chocolate wrapper. She isn’t sure what is that making her worry this much. It could be him, still it can’t be. That’s when her mobile buzzes, a message appears from that guy Varun.

Varun: “Hey, what you upto?”

Though the message from Varun  have put a smile on her face. Still she thinks it shouldn’t have maybe something wrong with her heart. How could her own brain persuade her to do something that is against morality? That’s when her phone rings. It was Geetha her best friend.

Geetha: “Hello, babe done with work”?
Diya: “Hmm yeah”
Geetha: “Did Rahul call you”?
Diya: “No he hasn’t.” (She replied with a deep sigh).
Geetha: “Aww baby girl. Don’t worry he may be busy.”
Diya: “yeah right, busy for how long? Weeks?
Geetha: “I know. You miss him a lot. I don’t know how to console you babe”
Diya: “That’s fine. Can I you talk to you later? I want to be alone for now”
Geetha: “are you sure? You want to be alone now”.
She: “Yes, I’m sorry Geet. Will call you later”.
Geetha: “Ok take care sweety. . . bye”

Diya ended the phone call with a feeling of guilt that has struck on to her like a leech. She thought to herself:
“Aren’t I cheating everyone around me? Now even my best friend Geetha. I should have told her what really happened. Rather, than avoiding her completely. How could I do this to Rahul. My Rahul. . . my baby. . .  the guy I was holding on to nearly 3 years. How can I forget those 3 years and encourage this guy Varun’s attention towards me. Going for dinner with Varun, .. The late night phone calls, me getting excited with his messages. Oh no! What kind of a girlfriend am I? How could I do all this to Rahul? Yes, I accept that one dinner with Arun isn’t cheating and it was something to do with official work too. I do know very well that Rahul won’t like these things. But, still how did I become such a selfish person. Who is concerned about her own momentary happiness? Though, Rahul isn’t like before. He is not giving me enough care, and affection. We don’t see each other that much any more. Still he is my boyfriend. I have a duty towards our three year long relationship.The outings have gone done in numbers. The phone calls have decreased  to just two or three phone calls in a month. Maybe, Rahul is busy with his life. He is concentrating on advancing his career. Shouldn’t I be understanding and be supportive? Am I trying to cheat on my boyfriend? what’s happening to me. . . ”

That’s when her phone rang again. Now, it’s Rahul. . . .

To be continued . ..

By Passionate Soul.

Happy New Year 2014


Here’s to the special dawn;
new starts, and the old endings.

A New Year that is rising like
the bright sun, in the east.

May this New year, give us the strength;
to face what may come.

Let the new beginning, shower us with;
goodness, peace and love.

Let us practise the art of
forgiving and forgetting.

To live a life without;
regrets, together in harmony.

Happy New Year 2014

By Passionate Soul 

May be that’s why: Red

This post is part of the Chennai Bloggers Club’s VIBGYOR blog tag. The colour theme for today’s post is RED. For red colour post, I have promised I would write about “Youngers who live in India and are going to marry an NRI”. Due to time constraint I’m unable to keep up my promise. Sorry 😦 .

In this post, I have tried to  link the colour red and all the post I have written for VIBGYO. 🙂

My Red laptop

My Red laptop

Red, a colour for pioneering spirit and leadership qualities;
May be that’s why I wrote about:
LGBT and ‘Anti-Gay Bullying’ for Violet.

Red, a colour for confidence and strong-willed;
May be that’s why I wrote about:
Victims of Stalking’ for Indigo.

Red always stands for danger.
May be that’s why I wrote about:
Danger of ‘Drunken Driving’ for Blue.

Red is an expression of anger and destruction.
May be that’s why I expressed my anger:
And wrote about: ‘Smokers’ for Brown.

Red is the colour of Human blood.
May be that’s why I wrote about:
Organ Donation’ for Green.

Red, a colour of positivity and will to survive;
Maybe that’s why I wrote about:
Suicide Prevention’ and ‘Adoptive Parents’ for Yellow.

Red is the colour of being rebellious.
May be that’s why I wrote about:
Cultural Diversity’ for Orange.

Red is the colour of passion and love.
May be that’s why  Red is my favourite colour.

And I end my journey of VIBGYOR blog tag with this post. It was  quite a challenging journey. Especially, for someone like me who has very low level of creativity, bad time management skills, and also an impatient person. Moreover,  I’m not a good writer at all. I’m just a budding writer who is been blogging for nearly 10 months now :). Thanks to all those people who have been reading my posts patiently (tolerating grammar errors too 😉 ). Thanks for all the support, encouragement and feedback from you people. Thanks for making my journey worthwhile. 🙂

Image: While I was searching for a catchy ‘red colour’ picture all over the internet. A thought came across why can’t I take a pic of my ‘Red colour laptop‘ (or notebook or netbook however they call it) 😉 Yes!! That’s my laptop 🙂

By Passionate Soul

The NRI-Outcast

orange-ribbon-temporary-tattooWhen Sahana was 13 years old Revathi’s husband got a Job in USA. Hence, Revathi had to shift her family from India to USA. Now, Sahana is 24 years old. Even, if Revati couldn’t visit India every year. She made sure Sahana visited India. As, Sahana’s grandparents missed their granddaughter and was very keen to see her. Sahana loved her visits to India. Today, Revathi was in a decision that she has to speak about Sahana’s marriage. She is already 24 years old an ideal age for marriage. Sahana reached home from work.

Revathi: “Sahana, freshen yourself up and come down to dining room. I need to talk to you about something important.”

Sahana: “What about mom? Tell me.”

Revathi: “Well, me and your dad want to know is there someone in your life? Are you in love? If so do tell us who the guy is. We could talk to his parents and arrange for marriage”

Sahana: “Mom!! STOP it there is no guy as such in my life. And I’m not in love with anyone.”

Revathi: “Good then, shall we start looking for alliances? I mean the arrange marriage.”

Sahana: “Ewww mom, stop kidding. I’m not ready for marriage yet.”

Revathi: “Sahana, you’re already 24. Everyone is asking about your marriage. We are fed up of answering them all.”

Sahana: “OH god!! Who asked you about my marriage NOW?”

Revathi: “Yesterday when me and your dad went to Mr Walker’s 50th wedding anniversary function. We met Dr. Jones he was asking about you. Do you have a boyfriend? When are you going to get married and all? We had a hard time answering his weird questions.”

Sahana: “Dr. Jones is American. She is from a culture where people start dating at the age of 15 or 16 (at times even at 14). Obviously, for her, seeing me who is living with parents even at 24 that too without a boyfriend would look really odd. For that and all I can’t get married to mom.”

Revathi: “Sahana, Dr. Jones is not the only person who asked such questions about you. There are many other friends of us who asked about your marriage Sahana. Even, back home in India your grandparents, uncle, ant and our other relatives are keep on asking about your marriage. At times it’s more like pestering.”

Sahana: “Just because they all are asking. I can’t get married mom. I’m not ready yet for marriage. Please understand will ya?”

Revathi: “What you do you mean by you’re not ready? Do you know how old you are? You’re already 24!”

Sahana: “So what mom? You got married at 27 didn’t you? Then why would you pester me now at 24?”

Revathi: “Well, I had my own reasons. Your dad and I were from two different castes. So, it took us more time nearly 3 years to convince and get approval from both our families Sahana. But, you don’t have such obstacles. You’re done with your Post-grad degree and working in a reputed company for a decent pay. What’s next marriage right. If, you don’t get married now, then when are you going to?”

Sahana: “Mom, I will get married ONLY when I’m ready. Please understand. Until, then stop pestering me.”

*          *          *

You must be wondering what I am trying to say in this post. This post is supposed to be about orange colour. In what way does the above story related to Orange colour? The orange colour ribbon is used for ‘Cultural Diversity’ awareness campaigns. For a long time I had this particular post in mind. To talk about marriage for NRI (Non-residential Indian) I hope discussing about marriage among Indian people could be accorded under the ‘Cultural Diversity’? 😉 [who am I referring to Youngsters: 18 to 32 or 35 years of age who are not yet married]

(1)    NRI youngsters and the problems they are faced with regarding marriage

(2)    Youngster who live in India and are going to marry a NRI.

They say orange colour represents ‘Joy’, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Expression. So, for the Joy of exercising my freedom of expression I’m writing this post 😉

(1)    NRI youngsters and the problems they are faced regarding marriage

I’m voicing my own opinions based on real life stories. The above conversation between Sahana and her mom Revathi was based on real life story (just gave different names and added few words in to cut short the conversation). There are many parents like Revathi who are pestering their daughter/son to get married soon because the society; friends and family are pressuring them. So what the society is pestering? Are they going to be there when a problem occurs? Is this so-called society going to help the girl or guy out when they are faced with a problem in their married life? The obvious answer would be NO. Then, why bother about them and show out that frustration on the girl/guy by forcing them too (most of the time emotional blackmail) says yes for marriage.

In western cultures like USA, UK, & Australia etc. starting to date at very young age as 13 or 14 is very common among teens. These western cultured youngers once they reach 18 (the legal age to have sex in most of these countries) would start sleeping with their boyfriend/girlfriend. The parents of these Youngers know this very well! Most of these youngers get married by 22 or 23 or 24 or 25. Some do wait till late 20s; if that’s the case then most probably they would be in a ‘living-together’ relationship. Either way most of these Youngers wouldn’t be leading a single life. In contrast, a majority of NRIs who are settled along with their parents in these countries (USA, UK, Australia etc.) are still in touch with their cultural roots from India (though those western cultured youngers behaviour have started to spread among people living in India itself). There are many NRI youngsters who are living with their parents even at the age of 25. Why aren’t they living with their boyfriend/girlfriend? Because they are sensible enough to incorporate both western and their Indian cultural ways into their lifestyle. These NRI youngsters clearly understand finding that ‘right person’ doesn’t require the need of ‘sex before marriage’ or even being in a ‘causal relationship’ just to see how it goes. These NRIs might look like ‘Outcast’ (NRI-Outcast) in the eyes of an individual who is from western culture. However, let me be clear- some NRI youngsters do adapt the western cultured Younger’s lifestyle. There is nothing wrong in them adapting to that. It’s just their way of life and we have to respect it. Hence, please do understand the ‘NRI-Outcasts’ and the ‘Westernised NRI-Youngers’ and don’t get carried away by the society around you.

When is the ‘Ideal’ time for a person to get married?; As, Sahana in the above narration said a person be it a guy or a girl is read for marriage:

“When he/she thinks and decides he/she is ready for marriage”

If, you ever come across a NRI-Outcast who might be dealing with problems similar to our Sahana in the above story please do help them. By assuring he/she has the right to make his/her own choice regarding the marriage. They don’t have to rush (like Revathi says) and their way of life is absolutely fine. It’s okay to be a ‘NRI-Outcast’ J


(2)    Youngster who live in India and are going to marry a NRI: Would continue with a post for RED 😉



Yellow yellow dirty fellow

370px-Yellow_ribbon.svgToday, I have finished my shift 45 minutes earlier than usual. Before, leaving the office I tried calling Nithya for the 16th time. Still, I couldn’t able to reach her. Few colleagues were planning to go to nearby Costa Coffee. I refused their invite. Since reaching home and seeing Nithya’s face was more important than socialising with colleagues. For me, that steamy cup of ‘filter coffee’ made by Nithya was a heavenly drink compared to coffee any fancy coffee store. In our 6 years of married life; almost every day when I return from office I would be welcomed cup of filter coffee made by Nithya. As, Nithya’s office hours starts two hours earlier to mine and ends two hours earlier to mine. I always had the advantage of enjoying heavenly cup of filter coffee served with love by Nithya. But, I have been missing these cups of filter coffee for past six months. There is a change of behaviour in Nithya. She is not her usual self anymore, looks, like I’m losing my Nithya day by day. She hardly smiles, she isn’t as happy as before. She is too distant from me. Though, we both sleep in the same bed. Yet, I feel like we are so far away from each other by heart. Our marriage was a love marriage. We did get our parents approval. We always had heart to heart conversation from the day I expressed my love for her. But, recently we hardly have a casual conversation. For past 6 months our heart to heart conversation happens only in MY dream. [mobile phone Rings]

Me: “Hello, Nithya, I kept on calling you from 4 p.m. What happened to your phone? The doctor’s appointment was supposed to finish by 3.45 p.m. right?”

Nithya: “Nothing, phone run out of battery”

Me: “arrrghh can’t you charge your phone before leaving the house? Do you want me to tell you even all these?”

Nithya: “Sorry Arvind, I won’t be troubling you here after”

Me: “good, do look after these petty things. Don’t expect me to take care of these”

Nithya: “There won’t be a need for you to take care hereafter”

Me: “Fine, forget it. It’s been long since you hugged and gave a cup of filter coffee when I reach home”

Nithya: “Sorry Arvind, I would give you If I see you again. . “

Me: “Ha ha, good!! In another 20 minutes you will see me”

Nithya: “No not so soon Arvind. You have lots of time to reach me”

Me: “Nope, I don’t I finished 45 minutes early today. So, in 20 minutes you will see me. I hope there isn’t much traffic”

Nithya: “If, I’m lucky enough I will see you”

Me: “Okay Bye see you in 20 minutes”

Nithya: “You will see me. No matter what” [Nithya ended the call]

After, she kept the phone down. That’s when I realised something wasn’t right with Nithya today. And she didn’t speak a word about what happened at doctor’s appointment. What’s the test results? Why would she behave very strange today. I wanted to reach home sooner than 20 minutes. Hence, borrowed Karthick’s bike and gave him my car keys. As, it was easy for a bike (than a car) to go through Chennai streets which would cut short my route by 10 minutes and also avoid heavy traffics. Thank goodness I reached home on time.

Me: “Nithyaaaa Noooo !!”

Nithya: “Leave me Arvind. Let’ me drink this please. Don’t stop me. Let me DIE” [Nithya busted out in tears]

Me: “Why would do such a crazy things Nithya. How dare you decide to leave me all alone and die?”

Nithya: “I can’t bear this agony anymore. I can’t give you a child Arvind. I know how much you love kids. But, But I can’t give you that. My Polycystic Ovary condition is denying me my motherhood. You know very well how badly I wanted kids. I can’t live in this world anymore”

Me: “Shut up Nithya! You can’t die. So, what you can’t give birth to a child? We could adopt one”

Nithya: “But Arvind, an adopted child won’t be our own flesh and blood”

Me: “So what Nithya? Are we related by blood? Didn’t we fall in love with each other? Similarly, we could fall in love with the adopted kid.”

I felt a tender hand on my right shoulder reaching for my attention. And I closed the diary I had in my hands.

Tender Hand: “Daddy daddy, look at mummy’s face again she looks like: ‘Yellow Yellow dirty fellow’ ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha” [she laughed innocently]

Nithya came running towards to tender hands, the kid, our adopted kid Sukanya. She embraced Sukanya with all the love she ever had for anyone in this earth. She loves Sukanya more than she ever loved me or her own mother. Sukanya have become her world now. And they both Nithya and Sukanya have become my world.

Nithya: “Hey , you naughty!! Mummy has put on ‘turmeric’ (facial pack, that tends to leave a yellow colour mark. Even after it’s been rinsed off.)”


Nithya and Sukanya headed to Kitchen. That’s when I realised those dairy pages where incomplete. Hence, I took a pen and added few lines. After the Yellow stain on the left side corner of the last line that read:

Me: “So what Nithya? Are we related by blood? Didn’t we fall in love with each other? Similarly, we could fall in love with the adopted kid.”

A week after that absurd decision of Nithya, the ‘suicide attempt’, we visited an ‘adoption agency’ and made all the arrangement to adopt that cute little 18 months girl child. We named her as Sukanya.

* * *

Yellow Colour Ribbon: is used in creating awareness for ‘Suicide Prevention’ and also for ‘Adoptive parents’, ‘Adoption’


World Health Organisation (WHO) states that:

  • Every year, almost one million people die from suicide; a “global mortality rate of 16 per 100,000, or one death every 40 seconds.
  • In the last 45 years suicide rates have increased by 60% worldwide. Suicide is among the three leading causes of death among those aged 15-44 years in some countries, and the second leading cause of death in the 10-24 years age group; these figures do not include suicide attempts which are up to 20 times more frequent than completed suicide.

According to, “a suicidal person may not ask for help, but that doesn’t mean that help isn’t wanted. Most people who commit suicide don’t want to die – They just want to stop hurting. Suicide prevention starts with recognizing the warning signs and taking them seriously.”

Similarly, Nithya in above story didn’t want to die. But, choose that absurd decision only to stop hurting. To get rid of those agonies she had in her life due to lack of a child. If, you know someone with suicidal thoughts or getting warning and signals from the way they behave. Please, do try to help them. The following website links could help you to understand ‘why’ people get suicidal thoughts, why they decide to suicide, and how can you recognize those signs and signals from them. How could you help them:


“Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are”. – Bernice Johnson Reagan.


By Passionate Soul